10 Waterjet Cutting Machine Safety Tips For You

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  • Date:2021/04/20

If you’ve been going to use waterjet cutting machine for a brief time now, you'd possibly have considered the several dangers and risk assessments that accompany it also. However, the earth of high-pressure water jet cutting and hydro jetting poses plenty of health and safety hazards that you'd wish to be first aware of before starting operation.


Tip 1: confirm the company you’re working for has safety policies and environment approved by the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations.

If you’re a worker expected to figure as a waterjet cutting machine, you need to always choose a workplace environment that poses no risk to health and safety. Also, you need to always follow the code of health and safety and attend to any hazards you'll encounter at work.


Tip 2: don't operate any high-pressure water jetting method while you're intoxicated, under the influence of a specific substance.


Tip 3: If you’re employing a waterjet for personal usage, always read the trainer safety operator’s manual.

If you’re an owner of a waterjet cutting machine, you will get to make your waterjet health regulation guidelines. Learn to acknowledge and be familiar with what safety symbols mean involved in each process of water jet cutting or hydro cutting.


Tip 4: Please remember to wear personal protective equipment that meets the standards when using the water jet cutting machine.

If your workplace provides you with the specified safety PPE equipment, then you're expected to comply and put them to use according to safety regulations.


Tip 5: Wear safety goggles/glasses.

The most common kind of damage that you simply could even be presumably to suffer from while waterjet cutting machine is eye damage. The very high-pressure water jet cutting method will probably cause you to suffer from corneal tearing, retina detachments, or dislocation of eyes if you’re exposed to pressures as high as 40K-60K PSI.


Tip 6: Never forget to wear ear protection equipment.

Waterjet cutting would require you to be familiar with loud consistent noises whether within the workplace or at the comfort of your house. However, albeit you will get won't to the bang, you're required to not, as they're going to cause permanent deafness.


Tip 7: Wear cut-resistant safety gloves for your hands.

This is done to prevent any quiet water blast damage or cut hazards involving your hands. Sliding bare hands can cause a water blast or might stop your fingers if you’re not careful.


Tip 8: Wear knee pads, shin pads, helmets and always stand back from the waterjet stream unless required.


Tip 9: Check for leaks and replace damaged parts, don't make any unauthorized alterations to the machine.

Leaks during a pressure tank, broken slats, and any technical alterations can cause severe accidents during operation. Leaks will cause explosions and danger in pipes.


Tip 10: Always have a security wallet card developed and approved by the Waterjet Technology Association.

This should be awarded by a qualified waterjet operator. When the patient reaches the treatment point with the card in hand, the card provides a method for the surgeon to treat the water spray injury.





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