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jet cutting machine

  • Auto Waterjet Cutting Abrasive Sludge Removal System

    Contact NowAuto Waterjet Cutting Abrasive Sludge Removal SystemAUTO SLUDGE REMOVAL SYSTEM The abrasive waterjet generate lot of sludge after cutting, it will take some working days to clean it up by hand manually, and machine have to stop work meanwhile. TEENKING design auto sludge removal system according years practical operation experience. The AUTO...Read More

  • Hot Selling 5 Axis 3D Water Jet Wide-angle Cutting Machine with CE Certificates

    Contact NowHot Selling 5 Axis 3D Water Jet Wide-angle Cutting Machine with CE Certificates5Axis CNC Cutting Platform-5 Axis 3D Water jet 1.5 axis 3D water jet cutting head TEENKING 3D cutting head can cut with or without beveling angle on 3D workpiece or flat workpiece, the beveling cutting head can make vertical compensation or cut with big beveling angle, the angle is limited by...Read More

  • NC Studio Water Jet Control System

    Contact NowNC Studio Water Jet Control SystemNC-Studio waterjet control system A powerful waterjet programming-Practical function ensures easy-using and efficiency! ※ Easy operation. Built-in TeenKing material database, simply choose material and thickness, machine will automatically finish the remaining work, and give you ideal part. ※...Read More

  • NC Editor Water Jet Designing Software

    Contact NowNC Editor Water Jet Designing SoftwareNC Editor is a built-in CAD/CAM software in Teenking Controller: add lead in/lead out, set origin, sequence, direction, tool path... Easy draw with point, arc, polyline, shapes, ellipse, polygon, text... Easy copy, group, break group, array with circle, rectangle... Easy define cut power,...Read More

  • 2016 New Structure Watjer Jet Pipe Cutting Machine

    Contact Now2016 New Structure Watjer Jet Pipe Cutting MachineNew product : 2016 new structure watjer jet pipe cutting machine Soon Teenking waterjet company will bring out 5 axis cutting head with a rotary axis, adding an option of simplified tube cutting device, when paired with IGEMS software to cut pipes and tubes, it will be a fully functioning 6 axis...Read More

  • High Accuracy CNC 5 Axis Tilting Water Jet Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHigh Accuracy CNC 5 Axis Tilting Water Jet Cutting Machine5Axis CNC Cutting Platform-5 Axis DYB Water jet 1.5 axis DY waterjet tilting cutting head The traditional water jet machine has a problem of trailing phenomenon, lead to bend at the bottom of the work piece. It is difficult to overcome. When cutting thick metal, it requires the part is...Read More